1. 45RFE / 545RFE / 65RFE / 66RFE / 68RFE Remanufactured Solenoid Pack (White Connector). This Fits '04-'12 - 45/545RFE Dodge Chrysler Transmissions. Also Fits '99-03 45RFE and '09-Up 68RFE, but Requires Correct TRS plate (see notes).
  2. SOLENOID PACK - These modules are fully disassembled. All individual components are cleaned, inspected, repaired and/or replaced. Includes new all new o-rings. Screen gasket is included.
  3. Please choose 2WD or 4WD for correct pan filter.
  4. GASKET FILTER KIT - Includes premium Farpack pan gasket, spin-on filter and sump filter.
  5. OPTIONAL SENSOR KIT - Includes OEM Line Pressure Sensor, (2) Input / Output (TSS / VSS) Speed Sensors (These are genuineOEM, NOT aftermarket)
  6. These packs are 100% tested on dyno and backed by a no hassle 12-month warranty. Solenoid Pack is made in USA.
  7. PLEASE NOTE:  If old solenoid pack connector is a different color from White, please refer to this document to ensure correct installation - TRS Selection Instructions

'04-08 - 45/545RFE Rebuilt Solenoid Module (White Connector) w/ Filter Kit

  • 68353383AB, 52119435AF, 5170877AA, 44836A, S72420B