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In 2008, Advanced Powertrain Engineering (APE), LLC was started in a garage in Sullivan, IN.  Originally focused on remanufacturing solenoid and solenoid assemblies for automatic transmissions; APE designs, manufactures and tests electromagnetic assemblies of all kinds.

APE specializes in the remanufacture and manufacture of solenoids and assemblies for the automatic transmission market.  We provide 100% tested and guaranteed solenoids for various domestic and foreign transmissions.  We offer full rebuild and return (R&R) services for your automotive solenoid rebuilding requirements.

APE also manufactures complete hydraulic assemblies of all kinds.  Regardless of your industry, contact us with your requirements today.

Because solenoids are electrical and mechanical devices, APE has developed multiple capabilities for electrical and mechanical design and manufacture.  APE can help you with with printed circuit boards (PCB), electrical coils, mechanical design / manufacture and custom machining.  Contact us today with your requirements.

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